How To Measure Motorcycle Handlebars

Need to know how to measure motorcycle handlebars? Many people who have a motorcycle may need to measure their handlebars for different reasons. Some people who build their own motorcycle or change the handlebars on their motorcycle will need to know the measurements so they know what cable length they will need to get. Many motorcycle people know that it can be very frustrating getting the wrong size part so getting it right the first time will help remove that unnecessary frustration.  If you are buying new handlebars or just changing your own, it can be confusing on how or where to measure them.

  1. Start with the rise of the motorcycle handlebars. Place the end of the measuring tape on the highest point of the handlebars on one side.
  2. Put the large ruler next to the bottom of the center width making sure the ruler is a continuous line with the bar. Hold in place for next step.
  3. Pull the measuring tape down to the large ruler. Make sure the measuring tape is a 90 degree angle with the large ruler. The number on the measuring tape is the length of the rise of the motorcycle handlebars.
  4. Measure the width of the motorcycle handlebars by placing both of the measuring tapes at the end of each of the handlebars.
  5. Hold the large ruler under the bottom of the entire handlebars.
  6. Bring the measuring tapes down to the ruler, keeping them both at a 90 degree angle. The number on the large ruler is the width of the handlebars.
  7. Find the center width of the motorcycle handlebars by placing the large the measuring tape at the lowest part of the bottom of the handlebars.
  8. Pull the measuring tape all the way to the end of the lowest part. The number on the measuring tape is the center width.
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