How To Measure My Truck Speakers

Are you wondering how to measure your truck speakers? As you have probably figured, not all speakers are the same size. The year, make and model of your truck will give an indication of what the original sized speakers are. Also, speakers come in two shapes, oval and round.

What you'll need:

  • tape measure
  1. Remove the speakers from their mounts. This is done to measure the truck speakers as well as obtain manufacturer information.
  2. Check speaker manufacturer on line sites. The manufacturer will have information on the size speaker that was installed in a specific vehicle.
  3. Measure your truck speakers. Use your tape measure to measure the truck speakers. For a measurement on a circular speaker measure the widest part of the circle. If you have oval speakers measure the length of the truck speaker then measure the width of the truck speaker.
  4. Measure the mounting holes. Measure the mounting screw width located on the flange of the speakers. New holes can be drilled to accomodate new speakers.
  5. Measure the speaker or mounting depth. Use a tape measure to measure the distance below the speakers mounting flange to the base of the magnet.
  6. Measure the speakers mounting height. Use a tape measure to measure from the bottom of the speakers mounting flange to the uppermost part of the speaker.
  7. Take your truck speakers with you. If you are shopping in an electronics store, bring a speaker in the store to measure it against the kind of truck speakers you are interested in purchasing.
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