How To Measure Out Tennis Court Lines

Learning how to measure out tennis court lines may take a little time. It is necessary to take the time to get each tennis court line correct. Tennis players are used to playing and practicing on a certain type of court. If you measure out the tennis court lines incorrectly, it could adversely affect the player's ability to the play the game correctly.

  1. You will need to understand the dimensions of the entire tennis court first before you measure out any tennis lines. A tennis court is a rectangle. The tennis court is 23.77m long. For singles, the tennis court is 8.23m wide and 10.97m wide for doubles.
  2. Measurements will need to be uniform for the tennis court. All tennis court measurements are made to the outside of the lines, and all lines on the tennis court have to be the same color. The uniformed lines have to contrast the color of the overall tennis court.
  3. There are four types of lines to be drawn and measured on a tennis court: the baselines, sidelines, service lines and the center service line. Baselines are the lines at the end of the tennis court. Sidelines are lines on the sides of the tennis court. Service lines are the two lines between the singles sidelines. The center service line is parallel with the singles sidelines and halfway between them.
  4. Exact measurements. The baselines are divided in half by a center mark. The baselines are 10cm long and wide. The sidelines are also 10cm long and wide. The service lines are two lines between the single sidelines measured at 6.40m from each side of the net. The center service line and center mark is 5cm wide.
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