How To Measure Penile Length

Figuring out how to measure penile length depends on the guy doing the measuring. Men may not be optimists about everything, but when it comes to measuring penile length, each and every man in the world can see the bright side about his member. Guys round up on the measuring scale. They switch to the metric system if can make their penises look bigger. Anything that guys can do to make their respective penile lengths just a little longer, they do. So, how do you measure your penile length? Simple. Any way you want to. Here are some ways to measure your penile length to make your soldier look a little longer.

What you need to measure penile length:

  • ruler
  • tape measurer
  1.  When do you measure? Some guys just don't feel measuring their penile lengths when their respective penises are totally flaccid. They look smaller in this relaxed state. If you fall into this category, then cheat a little. Tug on it a little to wake it up. Now measure it. You can lie to the girls and say "Hey, my soldier is five inches when it's soft baby!". They don't have to know that it's five inches at its semi-chubby state.
  2. At full attention. Women really only care about the length of your penis when it's ready for action. She could care less about it being four inches when it's soft. So, get it erect then measure it. Always round up in your measurements. Some guys start their measurements at the base of their penises. Others include their balls in their penile length assessment. Others may even start measuring from the back of their thighs to the tip of their soldier (hey thrusting takes place from the legs not the penis, why not include them?). Again, it's up to you and how much of a confidence boost you need.
  3. The NBA rule. Ball players get a two inch cushion in the NBA. A guy that happens to be 6'5" is said to be 6'7". Why not use this rule for your penis? You only rocking a six inch penis? Why not give it two inches per the NBA rule? Hey, now you're toting an eight inch monster. Not to shabby.
  4. Shaving. Here's an age old, a porn secret. Clean shaving your penis' housing will make it look bigger too. Get rid of those pubes and let that popcorn shrimp of your swing free.
  5. Combo. Try this. Shave the pubes. Give your soldier the NBA rule treatment. And, measure you penis starting at the back of your thighs. Hell, you may find out that you're walking around with a two foot gargoyle between your thighs. Give or take an inch or two or twenty.
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