How to Measure Physical Fitness

If you want to be fit, there are ways to determine on how to measure physical fitness. But you do not need to join a gym to do that when you can do this at home. Although, for a new person who needs to know, maybe going to a gym would be a good investment. The personal trainers there would know how to work some items that might be hard for you to learn on your own.

To measure physical fitness, you need: 

  • Heart rate monitor
  • pedometer
  • body fat caliper (optional)
  • stability, exercise, pilates (or whatever you call it) ball
  • Pen and paper
  1. You can buy those body fat caliper if you chose to do this on your own. There are companies online that you can buy this item or at your local sporting good store. But if you need help, go have one of the personal trainers at the gym to measure your body fat.  At least 18 to 32 percent for women of body fat and guys need at least 20 percent or less. But in order to get a 6 pack for guys, must be lower than 8 percent of body fat.  It is one of the ways to measure physical fitness.
  2. If you have a heart rate monitor and a pedometer, you can determine how many miles you walk per day and how your heart is doing. Pedometer helps you to see how far you walk while the heart rate monitor lets you know what your heart condition may be if exercising. The harder you work, the more your heart needs to work on it which determine about your heart condition too, if necessary.
  3. Stability balls are wonderful because they are so easy to exercise with of doing all different moves. For example, you can do the ab crunch which is much easier on your back compare to the old school way of ab crunch on the floor. If you currently do not have one, go to your local sporting good store and see if they have any. In most cases, they do but you can get them cheaper at discount stores such as Ross, T.J. Maxx, or Marshall’s for example.
  4. Try and see how good you are at running. If you are running out of breath and feel like about to die, it is time to work on getting into shape which is necessary in order to measure physical fitness.
  5. Flexibility is another component that helps to measure physical fitness since you need to be flexible with your body. There are moves that an obese and very fat people cannot do which if you are fit, are able to do things faster and better.
  6. Push ups, sit ups, and sit and reach are other moves to measure your physical fitness. They are all old school moves but these moves are important since it is a way to know if you are fit or not.
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