How To Measure Shirt Size For Men

Knowing how to measure shirt size for men is something both men and the women who love them should know. Men’s shirt sizes are determined by the neck and sleeve length. Remember these numbers or discreetly jot them down in your wallet for future reference.

What you need to measure shirt size for men:

  • Cloth tape measure
  • Full length mirror
  • A good friend, as it is easier to get accurate measurements when someone is helping you.
  1. Wear lightweight clothing or simply take your shirt off. Standing in front of a mirror helps you keep your posture in check and allows you to come up with the right shirt size.
  2. Determining your neck size is done by simply measuring around the base of your neck. Measure at the approximate point where the neck meets the shoulders.
  3. Neck sizes are based in 16, 16 ½, 17, 17 1/2, 18 inches, etc. Always round up to the next shirt size for men if it falls between two sizes.
  4. Measure accurately. The key is to not pull too tightly or leave too much slack, just pull it snug and read the closest measurement.
  5. Measure the length of your sleeve by bending your elbow and putting your hand on your hip. Then have your friend measure between your shoulder blades, around your shoulder and elbow straight to wrist. The number will fall between 31” to 37”. Remember to round up, so a measurement of 35 1/2 “will be a 36” sleeve.   
  6. Shirt sizes for men are often sold by the actual measurements, like a 16 X 35. They can also be listed as small, medium, and large. In that case, here are the guidelines.
  • Extra Small = 13.5”
  • Small = 14.5”
  • Medium = 15.5”
  • Large = 16.5”
  • X-Large = 17.5”
  • 2XL = 18.5”
  • 3XL = 19.5”
  • 4XL = 20.5
  • 5XL = 21.5”
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