How To Measure Ski Size

When going ski shopping it is very important that you learn how to measure your ski size so that you are able to buy the right ski size. It is similar to going shoe shopping you just do not pick up any shoe, you have to find the one that fits you. Here are a few steps on how to measure your ski size.

To measure your ski size, you will need:
  • Tape measurer
  1. Running length. Start by first measuring the running length which is the part of the ski that touches the ground as you ski. Take the measuring tape and measure the flat part of the ski. Do not measure the section of the ski that curves upward.
  2. Cord length. The cord length is the metal length of the skis. The cord length can be easily measured by using measuring tape that is flexible.
  3. Actual length. This length can be measured by measuring the entire ski from front to back.
  4. Body measurements. Purchase skis that match your body proportions. The last thing you want is a ski that is twice the size of you.
  5. Ask. When you go looking for skis show the store these measurements so that they can easily match you with the right ski.
Measuring your ski size is not that hard, think of it like you are measuring your shoe size. Once you have done this many times you will eventually know what size skis fit your body type. Take this time to measure your ski size so that you can go out and purchase a new set of skis.



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