How To Measure Sofa For A Throw Cover

Learn how to measure a sofa for a throw cover properly to get a professional look.  With these tips no one will even know that your old sofa has been re-covered!

  1. Measure the length of the sofa.  Find out what the overall length of the sofa may be. Measure outside arm to outside arm.
  2. Measure the seat cushions. Measure the maximum seat cushion width for both regular and T-cushions, from the outside front of he furniture. Include the outside edge of the cushion if you are measuring for a T-cushion.
  3. Measure the frame of the sofa. Measure the maximum body width of the sofa, from the outside edge of the left arm, and around the back of the sofa to the outside edge of the right arm. 
  4. Measure the contour length.  Begin at the base of the seat cushion, and over the top back frame of the sofa and back down to the floor.


  • Remember that buying a drape style slipcover will need proper tucking.  Without properly tucking in your slipcover it could look sloppy.
  • Once you pull the slipcover tightly, use pins or clips to hold the slipcover in place.
  • If you are finding that the arms are still a little baggy, wrap the arms in a layer or two of polyester batting.
  • If you are slip covering a sofa that is leather or some other slippery material, use a non-skid rug pad material to put in between the sofa and the slipcover.  This will prevent the slipcover from adjusting out of place.
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