How To Measure A Sport Coat

Someday you will have to know how to measure a sport coat for yourself. When buying a sports coat with trying it on, you should get something bigger as you can always get it tailored to fit properly which will be much quicker than having to return it. Or you can wear it. Everyone loves a fat guy in a little coat.

To measure a sport coat, you will need:

  • A helper
  • Pen and paper to record the measurements
  • Measuring tape for clothes – not the metallic carpenter type
  • Clothes you would normally wear under your sport coat


  1. Clothes. In order to properly measure a sport coat, think about what you will be wearing under the jacket. If you live in a cold climate and wear a lot of sweaters, make sure to wear one when getting fitted.
  2. Sport coat size. Have your helper measure you around the thickest part of your chest. The tape should be snug but not gripping tight. When they are done measuring, slip a finger underneath the tape and look at the number. We will also be adding one inch to this number so if it says 40 inches, make it a size 41. You can skip this step if you are in good shape and enjoy European cut jackets which are more form fitting. But if you are, shall we say, all American, then add an inch.
  3. Sport coat length. To measure a sport coat you will also need to know the length. This is an easy one because you should already know how tall you are. Anyone less than six feet tall but taller than five foot seven, is regular. Taller than six feet is long and shorter that five foot seven is short.
  4. Go to the store. To measure a sport coat for yourself quickly without any help, pretend to buy a jacket. Tell them you need a sport coat but forgot what your measurements are. The salesperson will measure you quickly and correctly. You should at least try on a few coats before leaving and remember to make a note of the measurements before you forget.
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