How To Measure A Television Screen

Do you know how to measure a television screen? TV screen size can be confusing, especially when comparing the "old" standard versions with the newer wide-screen models. In fact, two televisions can have the same measurements and still be different sizes.

Are you planning to replace your old TV set with a new wide-screen model? Or do you want to sell your old television at a garage sale or the online classifieds? Then you need to accurately determine the screen size.

Most electronics stores have screen charts that can help you compare wide-screens to standard screens. To measure your television screen the old-fashioned way, you will need a tape measure, a pencil and paper, and the ability to make a few simple calculations.

  1. Start with a tape measure. Place the end of a tape measure in the lower left corner of your television screen. Hold the end in place with your finger or have a friend hold the end in place.
  2. Measure on the diagonal. From the lower left corner, stretch the tape measure across the screen to the top right corner. Always measure a television screen diagonally and make sure the measuring tape is even and taught.
  3. Record the measurement. Using a handy pencil and paper, write down the diagonal measurement. Although you will perform other television measurements, this is the most important one. Television screen size is determined by diagonal inches.
  4. Measure width, height, and depth. Use the tape measure to measure the width of your television. Then measure the television height and depth, too. These sizes are important if you are measuring for a television that will fit into your entertainment center.
  5. Record the measurements. Record the width, height, and depth measurements with your pencil and paper. This will give you, or your buyer, an accurate picture of the full unit size.
  6. Compare the measurements. If the height of your old television matches the height of a new model, the new TV will have a screen size that is similar or larger. However, if the new model is a wide-screen TV, it may only seem larger because of the width. A wide-screen television that is shorter than your old TV will actually have a smaller picture.
  7. Do the math. A simple calculation can help you determine the best match between an old standard television set and a new wide-screen model. Multiply the diagonal length of the old TV screen by 1.22. The result is the size that your new wide-screen television must be to match your old model.


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