How To Measure Televisions

Shopping for that new gargantuan TV for the living room always seems to beg the question of how to measure televisions, so you get the right size for the right area. Can you really fit a 60” plasma TV above the mantel? Is a 32” LED really going to be big enough for the bedroom? How a television looks in the store doesn’t always match up to the real space in your home. Don’t trust just your visual memory of the area you have at home when picking a TV size. Odds are, something’s going to be too big or not big enough.

To get the right fit for the right space, follow these steps:

  1. Measure your current television. To get your TV size, measure only the screen from corner to diagonal corner. Do not include the rest of the TV in your measurement—just the screen. This gives you your actual TV size.
  2. If the space you want to use for a TV doesn’t currently house a television, you can measure the space for an approximate fit. Measure your raw space height, width, and depth if depth will be a factor.
  3. Take the tape measure with you when you go to the store to shop for TVs. You’d be surprised how useful a tape measure can be in these situations.
  4. When you get to the store, understand that the TV sizes listed are screen size. You just took this same diagonal corner-to-corner measurement at home of your current TV. Keep in mind how the actual dimensions of the entire unit will fit into your planned space.
  5. If you only have the raw space measurements, you can usually find TV dimensions (which are different from screen size) on the box or on store display tags. If this information isn’t available, you can always measure the display model with the tape measure you brought.

Tip: Keep in mind, the actual measurement of the TV, be it screen size or dimensions, is not the only factor to consider. The distance from TV to seating can be a major concern, depending on the type of TV you buy. What good is a 60” plasma if your couch is so close you only see pixels?



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