How To Meet Bored Married Women

Knowing how to meet bored married women is something that so many single bachelors want to know. The reason for this is often times, women get married for all the wrong reasons and then suddenly, they are married. The number one reason for them getting married? Money. Hello! They see this man is going to give them everything they want and then poof, suddenly life sucks because money doesn't buy happiness. That's where you come in. Time to learn how to meet bored married women.

  1. Understand the Mentality: These women don't want to leave their husbands. They just want someone to make them happy again because the truth is, they're selfish. They want you to take away their boredom. There's nothing wrong with that because you get to benefit as well. However, it is important to understand that they want to be married to this man because he provides for her in all ways but one…That's your job.
  2. Go Where The Women Are: Chances are, these are women that at one time loved to have a good time. So, the best place to meet these bored married women are at bars or night clubs. They'll be there with girlfriends or they'll be there alone. Go for either one, but the girlfriends can pose a problem.
  3. Bring a Wing Man: Because there is a good chance the married woman you want is going to have girlfriends there, bring a wing man. Bring someone who can swoop in and take the girlfriend away so you can focus on the prize. Meeting bored married women requires that you actually meet the woman. That won't happen with a girlfriend around.
  4. Buy a Drink and then Walk Away: They're bored. They're going to play around with you. So, buy them a drink so they know you exist. They'll talk to you for a second and then make some excuse why they "can't" talk anymore which is code for, "I'm bored of you.". Before they get the chance, give them an excuse why you "can't" talk to them anymore. Before her drink is gone, go onto the dance floor and start dancing with an obviously younger girl.
  5. Bag it and Tag it: Take her home, have fun, but don't get attached. Unless you've got a ton of money, she's not interested in anything other than you changing her boredom. But, that's not so wrong, right?

Knowing how to meet bored married women isn't all that difficult. It just requires you to understand two simple things. The first is that she wants someone to appease her appetite while still getting her financial security at home. And secondly, the ultimate thing about knowing how to meet bored married women: they'll do anything for fun including teasing you and leading you on. The sooner you take control, the more success you'll have.

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