How To Meet Cougars

A lot of young males are trying to figure out how to meet cougars these days. Meeting cougars is easy if you are a young man because cougars are looking for you, right? Chalk one up for yourself, your age has just helped you clear a big hurdle. If you are a young man who wants to meet and date a cougar, well, that's a different animal all together. But don't get discouraged. Think about this, if you are a young man a cougar will actually approach you. What you need to do is find out how to keep a cougar interested once she has caught you. That is what this article is about. This is a list of things that you should know before meeting a cougar. The last thing on this list will be how to meet a cougar.

  1. Do not act your age. This is very important, a cougar wants a young body, not a childish mind. You will have to study older men to see how they carry themselves in order to impress a cougar and keep her interested in you. You must also dress the part, wear slacks, shoes and a button front shirt with a collar. The more authentic your maturity is the better. Don't fake it, that will work against you with a cougar.
  2. Get informed.  A cougar will want you to be a great conversationalist, so you should watch the news and read interesting literature. You will have to know the world around you when talking to a cougar. You should also take a position on the issues that you and the cougar talk about. Never talk about yourself unless a cougar asks you. When talking about yourself you should be brief but give enough information to satisfy a cougar's curiosity. Do not lie, a cougar will know.
  3. Be a good listener.  Pay attention and maintain eye contact. A cougar is much more likely to be turned off by having to repeat herself than a younger woman. Even if a cougar is talking about something that is of no interest to you, you should listen as if the cougar is talking about your favorite subject. A cougar will expect honest feedback that proves you were listening. 
  4. Be patient. Never bring up intimacy with a cougar. A cougar is much less likely to be interested in a one night stand, but if she is, she will let you know. When the time for intimacy does arrive, patience will still apply. A cougar will expect more than two minutes of foreplay and a two minute roll in the hay, if that happens you will never see that cougar again
  5. Meeting a cougar. This is simple, just make yourself available, be prepared and keep your eyes open, cougars are everywhere. You are much more likely to meet a cougar in public, like a museum or library, not in a bar or club. You might also want to volunteer for a cause that you feel strong about to meet cougars, cougars are concerned about the world they live in since most may have children.

Now that you are armed with a few useful tools to help you succeed, you can go out and meet the cougar of your dreams with confidence. when you meet your dream cougar, remember this, a cougar is still a woman, she just has more experience, less games and more expectations in her relationships. Good luck.

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