How To Meet Divorced Women In Chicago

Whether you’re seeking a fling as the rebound man or are recently divorced yourself and would like to make a special connection with a lady who truly understands, see the tips below on how to meet divorced women in Chicago. You’ll have the whole sea to choose from in the third largest city in America that boasts ladies from a wide variety of ethnicities and backgrounds. In looking specifically for women native to Chicago who are divorced, try the different methods below. 

  1. Show up at divorcee meet-ups. Birds of a feather flock together. Women, more so than men, will be pulled towards others in the same boat, especially during their challenging life transition. You can insert yourself in locations where divorced women meet up by checking your local newspaper or meet-up websites. There may be meet-ups scheduled for the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge, Jefferson Park and the famous Second City comedy show.
  2. Sign up with a dating company. There has been a boom of successful matchmaking on dating websites or through dating companies because you can set criteria and find the woman of your dreams. The advantage of this method is you can specifically choose to meet other women who are divorced and who live in Chicago. Make sure you meet in a public place. Since Chicago women love their food, make the most of Chicago’s diversity and take her to one of the multiethnic neighborhoods for your first date, such as one of the Mexican villages, Greektown or Chinatown.
  3. Hit up the gym. The first thing a newly divorced woman will do is renovate her life and lifestyle, reinventing herself into someone distinct from the oppressed and unhappy woman she was in her marriage—the best way for her to do so is by starting to take care of herself and her body by eating well and going to the gym. Show her you also value a healthy way of life by hitting up the gym alongside her. Comment on how her body is toning up or offer to help her with the heavy equipment. Major spots to hit up downtown are the David Barton Gym, the Lakeshore Athletic Club or the West Loop Gym.
  4. Get in touch with your spiritual side. Divorced women tend to find themselves in a type of midlife crisis during which they are trying to find meaning in their life. If you’re spiritually inclined, get involved with one of Chicago’s many religious groups and you’ll find yourself in the role of the unassuming gentleman who divorced woman feel they can make a serious and sacred connection with. Thankfully, Chicago has such a range of religious choices from Polish Cathedrals, Sikh Gurdwaras to the only temple of Baha’i faith in North America.
  5. Bank on your Ccnnections. When it comes down to it, don’t underestimate the power of the most reliable and ancient method for meeting someone new. Make it known to all your friends and family that you’re available and you would prefer to meet a kind, divorced woman. The benefit of this method is that you can get the lowdown on the lady and her background through your contact before you even meet her and you can easily be introduced.
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