How To Meet Hot Aussie Women

Interested in learning how to meet hot Aussie women? Aussie women are known for being hot and quite the ultimate catch for any bloke. To meet one for yourself, there are a few things you should know about this elusive breed of female.

  1. Where to Meet Hot Aussie Women. To put it plain and simple, the best place to meet a hot Aussie woman is the watering hole. We love our pubs and can drink like the best of them. Touristy bars in your area will attract hot Aussie women like moths to a flame. Unless it’s a British pub. The Brits and Aussies have an ongoing rivalry that will last until the end of time, so don’t go looking for an Aussie Sheila around all those Poms, you will be looking in the worst place. Another good place to meet hot Aussie women is the beach. Like mermaids, we can’t be without our water for long. Head to your nearest beach or if one is too far to be found, try a lake or river. Hollywood, Miami and touristy places of the U.S. are where they will head. Aussie women hear about these places and dream of going there. Las Vegas is also a good destination to find some hot Aussie women. Gambling is big in Australia and if a hot Aussie woman makes it to the U.S. she will want to try her hand on the slots.
  2. What You Need to Know to Meet Hot Aussie Women. Aussie women, like all Australians hold a lot of pride in their country and their soldiers. Do some research on their beloved homeland and win an instant shot at her heart. You can start by researching: The Ashes, Cricket, The Thorpedo, Warnie, The Southern Cross and The Crocodile Hunter. You can also brush up on some Aussie slang, learn phrases like: “Chock a block,” or terms like: “whinge” and “agro.” Just don’t use the terms out of context. Something else you should know about Aussie women is that they love Yanks (Americans).  They are crazy about them, so if you are a Yank, especially one in the military, then you just earned yourself a shot.
  3. What You Shouldn’t do to Meet Hot Aussie Women. The first mistake a guy can make after meeting an Aussie woman is asking the questions that will ultimately earn him a swift kick to private areas: “Do you want to put a shrimp on the Barbie? Do you know the Crocodile Hunter? Are you related to Crocodile Dundee? Have you seen a Kangaroo?” It’s like asking if you are related to President Bush. Don’t make jokes about Aussie’s, that just never goes well. We are proud of our country and will defend it with brute force when necessary. Don’t hurry the girl anywhere and keep checking your clock. Aussie’s are a very relaxed people who don’t like to hurry for anything. For that matter, go by “Aussie-ish” time, instead of 8:00, make it 8:00ish.
As with all women, confidence, a sense of humor and some individuality goes a long way. With Aussie women though, these three things are key. Be extremely confident in yourself, crack a few jokes; just not at her expense, and be yourself.
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