How To Meet Hot Emo Girls

Meeting a hot emo girl certainly isn't simple. They typically prefer to stay clear of major social situations and usually are at their best when doing something they love, by themselves. The idea is to have one of those "somethings" be you. Here are some tips and trips to meeting a hot emo girl.

  1. Visit Club Emo. The name of this site should say it all. There are plenty of emo girls for the picking. Consider this web site to be like except its only man for emo people to connect and chat. It's totally free to sign up for and every emo person on it is guaranteed 100% verified. Also, there is a news feed on the site of upcoming events in your area, that could, in fact, lead you to more emo girls.
  2. Join Emo Bucket. This web site celebrates all things emo! You can follow the latest emo trends in hair style and fashion. The forum on this are a great place to chat with emo girls.
  3. Attend Shows. Always attend as many shows as possible. For example, if you find out that Avenge Sevenfold is coming to a venue nearby, go to the show. Go stag, or with friends, either way, go. The night may end without meeting anyone, but at least this way you can go to an Emo forum and tell other interested Emo girls about it.
  4. Get a job in a mall. Having a job in an obscure location won't help with meeting passersby. A mall can be packed full of people. Statistically speaking, the more people you're surrounded by, the more chances are that they are hot emo girls. Also, any extra cash earned can be used for dates and/or attending shows.
  5. Become familiar with a coffee shop. Be it a major chain or locally owned, coffee shops are an excellent place to relax, read Poe, and meet Emo chicks. Coffee shops have become the much more savvy version of a bar. Buying a girl a cup of Chai tea appears to be much safer than a Long Island. They key is to never give up. Hot emo girls are out there and they are looking for you as much as you are looking for them. Just remember to be yourself and she will come along.
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