How To Meet Hot Irish Women

Need to learn how to meet hot Irish women? Irish culture has been enjoying an international popularity boom over the last couple of decades which may have lead you to appreciate all things Irish, from U2 to Guiness, and left you wondering exactly how to meet hot Irish women.

  1. Go to a festival. Because many people in the U.S. have Irish ancestry, Irish festivals are common in big cities across the country. While most of the people there will be locals looking to soak up some culture and beer, it would stand to reason that some of the people doing the cooking, serving, pouring, and entertaining will be Irish, and one of them might be just the hot Irish woman you're looking for.
  2. Go to a concert. "Riverdance" may be a punch line by this point, but there's been a huge resurgence in Celtic music in the past couple of decades. With a little bit of online investigative work, you should be able to find local venues playing Celtic music near you. If the band members aren't hot Irish women, some of the people in the audience may be.
  3. Find a local Irish pub. It's always nice to have a local bar where everybody knows your name. Chances are if you find a decent Irish pub, there will be a couple of hot Irish women staffing the bar there or imbibing some tasty Guinness at the bar.
  4. Convert. If you live in a heavily Irish Catholic area of the country, you could always begin attending mass at your local Roman Catholic church. The odds of finding hot Irish women there are about as high as you're going to get in the US.
  5. Travel. If all else fails, hop on a plane, and take a trip to Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland. Airfares can be expensive, but it'll be worth it to travel to the global epicenter of hot Irish women.
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