How To Meet Hot Lesbian Women

Wondering how to meet hot lesbian women? Don't worry, finding hot lesbian women can be a daunting task. Like straight women they need to be wooed. With these simple tips you will be able to pick up a hot lesbian woman. 


  1. Be yourself. Relax, have fun and be yourself. Everyone appreciates when you are true to you not when you are trying to be someone else and something you are not. 

  2. Have some confidence. People do not like it when you have self esteem issues and will leave as quickly as they came if you are not confident in yourself. 
  3. Smile and laugh often. Humor is something women adore. Laugh, smile, joke and just have some fun. Being laid back and learning to joke will be a massive turn on to any lesbian woman. 
  4. Open your mind. Be open minded and take an interest in what women want. Take time to listen to different music, movies etc. You may not like everything but at least be open minded to it and try it, you never know until you like it. 
  5. Listen and take interest. Where does she work? Where does she go shopping? Listen to what she has to say and listen to what she does with her life. Take a true vested interest in what she does. Take special note of hobbies etc. 
  6. Affection is always welcome. Hugs, holding hands, and being loving. Everyone loves affection and lesbian women are no different. When you are affectionate it will lure a woman and make her yours. 
  7. Be kind. Women respond highly to kindness. Be friendly and nice, not only to her but to those around her. She will stand up and take notice. 
  8. Nix the pickup lines and routines. No one likes pick up lines so knock it off. Just be yourself and see above.
  9. Have goals. What do you do for a living? What do you want to do in life? What do you aspire to do? Women love when you have goals. They love when you do not like being mediocre and just surviving. Women love when you have goals set out for yourself.
  10. Don't be a stalker. Quit the jealousy and controlling behavior. Nothing is less attractive then someone who calls constantly, texts, emails and bugs their interest. If she want to be around she will be around. 
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