How To Meet Hot Women

You've made a decision to learn how to meet hot women. With a little luck and a lot of preparation and skill, you will soon be able to accomplish the task. Most of all, have fun while you meet women. Happy guys are super sexy!

  1. Clean up. The first order of business when you want to meet hot women is to clean up. Hot women want hot men so make sure your appearance is attractive. Get a good haircut and learn how to style it. Shave-women don't like kissing stubby cheeks. If you haven't seen the dentist, go for a check up and routine cleaning. Carry breath mints in your pocket and a toothbrush and paste in your automobile. Have a wardrobe that stands out without being flashy. Make sure your shoes are clean (some guys forget this). Always take a shower before you go out and use cologne sparingly. Trim your nails and keep them clean!
  2. Polish your skills. Before you meet hot women, polish your skills. You want to be cool without being aloof or rude. Think like a hot guy and be the man a hot woman wants. If meeting hot women sounds frightening, brush up on your social skills with trusted female friends. Ask for their feedback about your demeanor and style. There's no need to be smooth or overly charming because that's a turn off. When you meet hot women, be yourself.
  3. Go where the ladies are. Meeting hot women isn't hard when you go where the ladies are. Determine where you can meet hotties and show up. The great thing about meeting hot women is that they can be found just about anywhere. If you enjoy nightlife, check out popular clubs and bars. Maybe you're a day person-try the beach, lake, coffee houses and local events. Volunteer work is also a great way to meet hot women. Keep in mind that women are everywhere; don't make it harder than it is to meet hot women.
  4. Make a good impression. After you've found a hot girl, make a good impression. You don't want her running for the hills! It's your time to shine brightly and leave a positive impression. Since you look great, sound great and feel good about yourself, this part should be easy. If she turns you down, don't take it personally. As long as you are doing the best you can, there's no shame in hearing "no thanks." The best part is when you meet hot women who want you, too! Remember to stay cool and take your time. Meeting hot women is the first step to having a lot of fun!
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