How To Meet Korean Women In Chicago

By following some simple steps, you can learn about how to meet Korean women in Chicago. While there may not be as many women from Korea coming over as there was in the past, you can still meet some women who are second-generation immigrants. In addition, high numbers of foreign exchange students from Korea are always coming to the United States to get an education.

  1. Visit Joong Boo Market in Chicago. This is a great Korean market that specializes in selling traditional Korean foods and ingredients that are often used in Korean cooking and baking. Many of the employees of this store will be Korean, as will be most of the customers. Visit the store on the weekend, as there will likely be more people shopping at these times. Ask for help from an employee or customer in order to strike up a conversation with a beautiful Korean girl.
  2. Visit Northwestern University in Chicago. This college is well-known for being a great university and because of this often attracts a number of foreign exchange students, especially those from Asian countries. Walk the campus, being sure to pay close attention to your surroundings. When you notice a Korean woman, be sure to stop her and ask for directions. This is another great way to start a conversation. If possible, convince her to walk with you to your final destination. This will give you more time with her, allowing you to invite her on a date or get her phone number.
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