How To Meet Older Rich Married Women

So, you want to know how to meet older rich married women. There's nothing wrong with that because often times, knowing how to meet older rich married women means that you're going to have a lot of fun with cougars. However, there are some things to understand about older married women. First off, they are married so if you sleep with her, you're helping her break her vows. Secondly, you have to understand that if she's willing to do something to ruin her marriage, there is already something wrong at home to begin with.

By following these following steps, you'll learn how to meet older rich married women and have a lot of fun with them.

  1. Go to a place where a rich married women wouldn't otherwise be found. Because the rich married woman doesn't want to be caught by any friends, she's going to go elsewhere such as a bar or a night club.
  2. Buy her a drink. Whether she is bored or not is irrelevant. The key to knowing how to meet older rich married women is that they are spoiled. So, even though they're rich, you have to spoil them a little to get their attention. Buying a drink gives them that bit of spoiling.
  3. Flatter her. Give some flattery to her, but don't give too much. Compliment her eyes and understand that because she is a more mature woman, ogling her chest isn't going to get you anywhere. Give her compliments on things other than her body.
  4. Tell her you think she is incredibly fun. Because the ultimate goal is to learn how to meet older rich married women, there's a good chance that they are also bored. By telling her that she is fun, she'll feel good.
  5. Make a suggestion to do something more. Tell her that you are really attracted to her and think that the two of you could have a good time. Explain that you're not looking for a relationship, but that you're really having fun with her.

In the end, knowing how to meet older rich married women really depends on each individual woman. One woman might really give in to the flattery, but another might hate it. Therefore, you need to constantly have a new battle plan and be prepared to adapt. However, in the end, if she is looking for someone, you've already gotten past the hardest part: persuading her to cheat on her husband.

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