How To Meet Older Rich Women

Whether you crave the opportunity to mingle with a more sophisticated crowd or merely want to get your hands on some quick cash, knowing how to meet older rich women may be able to provide you with what you need. As a woman ages, her taste in men doesn’t necessarily age with her. In addition, a young, attractive man will make her the envy of her friends. Men, as a rule, tend to prefer younger partners. Thus, a man who actively searches for a partner older than himself is quite a catch for an older, rich woman. You’ll have to truly dedicate yourself to the task of attracting older, rich women, however, since they are unlikely to frequent your favorite haunts. 

  1. Join a country club. Country clubs cater to an older demographic. Because the clubs often charge an expensive annual fee, you are unlikely to find any poor women playing golf or enjoying a martini by the pool. Unfortunately, you’ll need to shell out that hefty membership fee at least once before you’ll have a shot at meeting older, rich women. With a bit of luck and perseverance, however, your new girlfriend may be more than willing to pick up the tab for you when the time comes to renew your membership.
  2. Become a tennis instructor. Older, rich women running off with their tennis instructors may be a stereotype, but it's a stereotype for a reason. Wealthy women are always on the lookout for a way to stay in shape. Not only does tennis provide good exercise, it allows for close physical contact between the instructor and his protégé. Show enough older, rich women how to hold and swing a tennis racquet and before long you’ll be taking one home.
  3. Go solo to events that appeal to older, rich women. This means you’ll have to bite the bullet and attend wine-tasting parties at local restaurants and spend your Saturday evenings in the art museum. Older, rich women will see you there and assume that you belong to the same sophisticated crowd that they do. By going solo, you make yourself more approachable. 
  4. Approach older, rich women the same way you would approach younger women. You don’t have to have the confidence of a movie star to pique an older woman’s interest, and older women are more likely to be able to tell if you’re putting on airs. Go ahead and show your nervousness. Not only will older, rich women be flattered, but they’re likely to find your performance endearing. 
  5. Keep your identity. Once you’re deep in conversation with a older, rich woman, don’t mention your summer in the Alps if you don’t know how to ski or backpacking through Europe if you’ve never even left the country. These women are well accustomed to men trying to impress them with money and worldliness. Your honesty about who you are and what you do will be refreshing and welcomed. 
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