How To Meet Rich Women In Chicago

Tips on how to meet rich women in Chicago comes a dime a dozen. In this big city, most women are beautiful and rolling deep in the wallets with high-powered jobs in big corporations. If you are the type of person who wants a well to do woman, read on ways to find rich ladies.

  1. Avoid feeling intimidated. First thing you need to do to meet rich women in Chicago is have an air of confidence. Some of the reasons most men are afraid of approaching a woman with money is not being in the same income bracket or being instantly turned by down because he does not look rich. Confidence is important in meeting any woman, including a rich one, so stay relaxed, be yourself and she will enjoy your company.
  2. Stroll downtown. You will mostly meet rich women in downtown Chicago wearing their professional suits to work, driving around in expensive cars or living in condominiums. Most of them live in the Gold Coast or River North areas. If you meet a woman that is attractive to you, introduce yourself in a classy, courteous way.
  3. Go shopping. If you want to shop with a purpose, go to Magnificent Mile, extending from Michigan Avenue and the Gold Coast District to meet rich women. Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Burberry, are a few expensive stores many rich women shop at for clothing, shoes and accessories.
  4. Go to upscale restaurants. There are many restaurants to meet rich women, especially in downtown Chicago. Try Signature Room, Nimi or Tru, one of the many fine dining areas with women. Another way to meet rich women in these restaurants is becoming a waiter, showing charisma and doing a little flirting to get know these women.
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