How To Meet Singles That Are Into Fitness

The most logical place to meet singles that are into fitness is the gym, but not every fitness buff belongs to a gym. People are very creative pertaining to how they work out and stay fit. Home gyms have become very popular. A few weights, a bench, an elliptical or treadmill, resistance bands and a mat consist of the most common items found in the home gym. But, you can't meet people at home. Hiking, swimming, and outdoor fitness boot camps are great ways to meet singles that are into fitness. If those physical activities aren't for you, and hanging out at a vitamin/protein shop isn't an option, then you will want to read this article for a few creative suggestions.


  1. Take a Zumba Class. If you haven't heard of Zumba, you have some catching up to do. It's the most popular dance fitness program worldwide. Zumba is a dance fitness program that fuses Latin rhythms like, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, and cumbia with other international beats and rhythms. Created in the 1990's, by dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez, Zumba fitness classes are held in YMCAs, churches, recreational facilities, schools, dance and fitness centers to name a few. Don't let two left feet keep you from trying Zumba, because the movements are a series of easy-to-follow steps. You can find local Zumba classes by checking out the local newspaper, Park and Recreation schedules, or visit this Zumba locator.
  2. Shop at Natural and Organic Food Markets and Stores. Fitness and eating healthy go hand in hand. And since we all have to eat, Natural and Organic food markets seem like a good place to meet singles that are into fitness. Instead of shopping at the most convenient location, look around and go out of your way a little to find these stores. Don't forget about local farmer’s markets and roadside stands. People who frequent these types of stores are concerned about the foods they consume. Chances are they also work hard to keep physically fit. Also, most major supermarkets have natural and organic sections. Wherever you shop, it's always easy to strike up a conversation when purchasing similar products.
  3. Eat at Vegetarian, Vegan or Organic Restaurants and Cafes. Although this suggestion is very similar to the one above, dining out is done at a more leisurely pace, and not as rushed as food shopping. Become a regular, and get to know the owners, staff and other patrons that frequent often. You never know whom you will meet, but the odds are in your favor for meeting singles that are into fitness who have interests very similar to yours.
  4. Explore Walking and Biking Trails. A perfect way to meet other singles that are into fitness. Park and Recreation centers can provide local marked paths and trails. The best part about walking and biking is it can be done alone, with a partner or in a group. Communities offer group tours for walking and biking on a regular basis. After taking the initial tour, participants often form smaller groups to exercise at their own convenience. Some larger cities have walking routes. Walking routes are mapped out within a city and walkers walk to and from different areas. Use your favorite search engine to find local walk routes, walking paths and biking trails.

The above suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg to meeting singles that are into fitness. Being physically fit is a part of your lifestyle. If you stop and think about it, what you eat, where you buy your clothes, where you hang out, what you do for fun, and how you keep fit are all apart of that lifestyle. Always be cognizant of the people you encounter while maintaining your healthy lifestyle and meeting singles that are into fitness will get easier.

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