How To Meet Slutty Lesbians

By using certain strategies, you can become easily versed on how to meet slutty lesbians. Being around slutty lesbians can provide you distinct advantages that straight women cannot. If you're lucky, you can persuade slutty lesbians to have a threesome with you. If not, they may at least let you watch them fool around. Sure, some straight women are open to doing things with other women, but the attraction is not as genuine. Make the most of these tips and you will succeed in meeting slutty lesbians.

  1. Find the right location.  Go to a lesbian bar, because you will not meet slutty lesbians in yoga class. There, you should find plenty of slutty lesbians. The latter you go, the better. Go to a straight bar that has a reputation for slutty straight women, if there are no lesbian bars in your area. You will be able to meet slutty lesbians there, too.
  2.  Find the right woman. Watch out for the lesbian who bounces from woman to woman at lesbian bars. Lesbians who make out with one woman on a barstool and then grind with another woman on the dance floor are likely to be slutty lesbians. Bonus if they do the same with men. If you're looking for a threesome, search for couples who dance very provocatively and engage in a lot of public displays of affection. At straight bars, in order to meet slutty lesbians, you will have to ask a women if they are straight or not. It may be hard to tell, unless they are quite butch.
  3. Say the right thing. This is going to be the harder part of meeting slutty lesbians. However, if you approach them the right way, you will get them to open up. Whether you are trying to hook up with one lesbian or you are aiming for a threesome, the best strategy is to appeal to their curiosity. Many lesbians are strongly attached to their identities, you don't want to threaten them. Frame this as a mutual experiment. It will be only a one time thing, purely for a fun and unique experience.
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