How To Meet Smart Single Women

Learning how to meet smart, single women is not that difficult. Smart, single women can be found just about anywhere although they are more likely to be found in certain places. Just focus on looking for women in places where intelligent conversation and academia are found and you will most likely find some smart, single women. Just don't try any cheesy pick up lines–they are too smart for that.

  1. Try looking for smart women online. Many smart single women today do not have the time or desire to try to pick up guys at bars. However, smart, single women who want a relationship are very likely to increase their pool of candidates through online dating sites. Try large, reputable and compatibility-oriented sites for better luck.
  2. Go to a highly regarded university campus. If you are young you can meet many smart, single women at a college campus. However, if you are in your mid-40s, you probably shouldn't try to get young women's phone numbers. They will most likely find you creepy.
  3. Go to coffee shops or bookstores near a college campus. If you are interested in meeting older female college students (such as graduate or Ph.D. students) or professors, try these stores. Many graduate students and professors like to work off campus, whereas undergrads tend to prefer studying at home. However, don't interrupt a woman's studies–she probably won't appreciate it.
  4. Join a club related to one of your academic or professional interests. For instance, if you are an accountant and you love your job, you may want to find a mate with similar interests or experiences. You may have better luck searching for organizations related to your interests online. Look for smart, single women with your interests from there.
  5. Try speed dating. Many smart, single women realize that dating can be difficult, so they want to speed up the process. However, do not try to "puff up" your accomplishments. Be yourself or you may end up with a first date but no second date.
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