How to Meet Women After a Break Up

If you've recently had your heart broken, you may be wondering how to meet women after a break up. A major school of thought suggests that meeting women after a break up is the only way to get over the previously failed relationship. But is this an easy process? How can you push yourself to meet women after a break up? What if you still have feelings for your ex? Can attempting to develop feelings for someone else help you to truly quell the feelings you have for a previous flame? The more you get out there an explore, the better your chances of meeting someone new. Break ups are difficult but you can't let a failed relationship keep you from moving forward. All situations, even the bad ones, are learning experiences. Remember, you were able to attract someone before, and you're able to do it now. Some people naturally bounce back faster than others, but we all eventually bounce back. When you're ready to jump back into the dating game, you owe it to yourself to have a blast.

  1. You have to convince yourself you're better off out of your previous relationship. Everyone knows that break ups can be very difficult, but if the connection ended then it wasn't good for you anyway. The time you were with the person can exponentially increase the pain you feel after separating, but you have to get through it. Eventually you have to jump back on the saddle, cowboy. All wounds heal over time. 
  2. A muddle of emotions and feelings can be swimming through your brain, down to your heart and back again. All of which can rattle your self confidence. You may even believe that you've "lost it," that you don't know how to meet anyone anymore. Well, it's not true. Meeting women after a break up is like riding a bike. You might be rusty, but you never ever forget how to do it. It's just a matter of re-associating yourself with your old stomping grounds. People change when they're in relationships, but you have to remember how you were before the relationship. Remember who you were before her.
  3. Get back into the singles scene. Hit the clubs or any other place you've had success in the past. Start out in places that you're naturally comfortable. After some success, some confidence building, expand to new spots. Meeting women after a break up is only as hard as you make it. Get out there and rebuild that swagger.
  4. Hit the new places after you've tallied some successful nights out in your regular spots. New places are new opportunities to meet women after a break up. Grab some of your cool buddies and go exploring.
  5. Once you feel comfortable enough to venture out into the dating world again, don't sabotage your chances. One thing you don't want to do when meeting women after a break up is bring up your ex. Even if the new girls asks, stay away from details. It'll make her feel as if you're not over the ex, and no woman wants to be a rebound girl.
  6. Don't compare the new girls to your ex. Even if you're only thinking of the differences, it's not healthy for the progression of a budding relationship. Don't try meeting women after your break up unless you really want to. And you really don't want to meet new women if you're consumed with thoughts of your former girl, do you?
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