How to Meet Women After College

The thrill of graduating lasts right until the time you suddenly realize that you have no idea how to meet women after college. You're in a foreign environment. Finding people your age is difficult and actually talking to them is even worse. Don't worry, because this guide will get you started on how to meet women after college. Location is very important to meeting women after college, but so is your attitude and your demeanor. Here's some advice:

  1. No iPods in Public. No earphones, no headphones, no earbuds, no nothing. Our generation is so socially lazy that we would often rather listen to our music than the outside world. iPods discourage interaction by making you looking unapproachable and lulling you into a passive state. If you want to meet women after college, leave the iPod at home.
  2. Sign Up for a Gym. The gym is a good hub of athletic, outgoing people. You can sign up for classes, too, which will force you to interact. It's hard to approach women while they are working out, but just one simple, witty comment while leaving the gym or hopping onto a treadmill can be a good opening for meeting women after college. This is a gym. The women will be back and, next time, you have a better opening for a better conversation.
  3. Ask Friends with Girlfriends. Some of your friends have girlfriends. Some of these girlfriends have friends. Having a friend's girlfriend help you meet women after college is a perfect strategy, because you can go out with your friend and his girlfriend and her other friend. Just try to make it as casual as possible. The four of you should all go to a social gathering, like a concert or party, so you (and she) don't feel totally trapped.
  4. Go to Bars and Clubs. Most people still rely on alcohol-fueled settings to meet each other. This isn't a bad idea, as long as you remember the golden rule of meeting women after college: You're not in college anymore. Don't drink more than four drinks. You're looking to meet women in college, which means you have to hold a meaningful conversation with them. You don't want to forget the whole thing or you're back to square one. You don't need to take them home immediately. Just get a phone number and try to do something with them later, while you are both sober.
  5. Visit Dating Websites. This is now actually a socially acceptable way to meet women after college. People aren't going to call you weird and women actually use these services. You should at least try and visit, eHarmony, or any other dating website that seems appealing. You'll be very surprised by the sheer number of people who use online dating now.
  6. Use Public Transit. If you live in an urban area, you should always be on the look-out for people with whom you'd really like to sit. Trains, buses, and planes are good places to get to know a person in a very short amount of time, especially if you commute or travel all the time. Just remember not to bring that iPod.
  7. Go to Public Events. Parades, concerts, art shows, wine-tastings, just visit anything. At the very least, you may make some new friends who know women you can meet. The point is to expand your social circle.
  8. Be Conversational and Casual. This is the most important rule. Too many guys try to approach women with agendas on their mind. That makes the whole conversation awkward. You will always over-analyze conversations if you are trying to get something from it. Just talk for the sake of talking, meet a woman for the sake of meeting her. This will make it far easier to approach women after college.

If you want to meet women after college, you have to go outside and say to yourself: Hey, I feel like talking to some people today. That's all. Be interested in the world around you, ask questions of people who seem like they would be engaging. And, above all, leave those earphones at home.

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