How to Meet Women at The Grocery Store

When it comes down to it, how to meet women at the grocery store is probably one of the easiest connections out there. Everybody needs food, and what is easier than hanging out in the produce section lamenting "Does this look ripe to you?" Here are a few simple tips to make your approach more successful.

  1. Dress for success. If you work in a suit-and-tie job, go to the grocery store dressed like that. If you work in a garage, go home, clean up and dress as though you wanted to make a good first impression. If you are not sure, ask a female friend or relative. They will love the opportunity, trust us.
  2. Once at the store, be looking for signs that the woman in question is actually available. The only sure sign is if she is wearing a wedding or engagement ring. Children mean nothing on that front. Then, make eye contact.
  3. If she appears available, ask her a question regarding either the shop items or something she is wearing. The store seems more logical, but if she has beautiful hair, seriously; do not be afraid to ask her what product she uses. Phrase it along the lines of "I'm sorry I was staring, but your hair is so beautiful. Could you tell me if you use anything special on it?" Many men fear she would think him to be gay but even so, if there's a spark, she's going to want to know for sure. So take the chance, see what happens.
  4. Have business cards on you, always. Even if it's just your name and number, it gives grocery store woman a chance to have your contact information. But write her number down on your card and keep it. If you say you're going to call, wait no more than 36 hours to do so. That's the fine line between keeping them on edge, and having them blow you off.

If you follow this guide step-by-step, who knows. You just might find yourself somewhere down the line saying "Yeah! I met my woman at the grocery store!"

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