How to Meet Women at the Gym

Looking for tips on how to meet women at the gym? Meeting women at the gym can be a challenge. It sounds simple enough: you're already getting hot and sweaty in close proximity to one another, so why not take things to the next level? However, not every woman has sex on the brain when she's working out. Try these tactics and you just might get to see what she looks like in something other than a sports bra:

  1. Make eye contact and smile. Many women are plugged in to their iPods or the television, so walking up and starting a conversation isn't an option. Besides, no one likes being interrupted in the middle of a difficult workout when she's focusing hard and out of breath. A simple smile or locking eyes for a few seconds sends the message without saying a word. Repeat this each time you see her at the gym.
  2. Hang out by the water cooler. Or the front desk. The goal is to find an opportunity when she's at the gym but not actually working out. Your chances of striking up a conversation are much better in neutral territory.
  3. Take a class. You may think yoga is sissy, but how many other opportunities do you have to ogle beautiful women in tight outfits doing poses like the "downward dog"? Meanwhile, you're improving your flexibility and impressing the ladies by being in touch with your spiritual side. Obviously, talking during class isn't an option, but make use of that time when everyone is rolling out mats and waiting for the instructor, or after class when you're feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Now that you understand the subtleties of meeting women at the gym, you'll know to avoid these deal-breakers:


  • Try to start a conversation with a woman wearing headphones or using exercise equipment.
  • Get caught checking out her butt (this is why "women only" gyms are so successful!).
  • Offer to spot her, or tell her she looks "fit." So cliche!
  • Show off by lifting way more weight than you should ever attempt.
  • Stalk her and show up to the gym every single time she does.
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