How to Meet Women at the Mall

Knowing how to meet women at the mall can be useful during an otherwise boring shopping trip. The mall is not just a place to shop and browse; it is also a place to meet single women. If you are already there shopping and you happen to see a woman that catches your interest, there is nothing wrong with making an approach.

  1. Actually go shopping. A key tip if you want to meet women at the mall is to understand that women do not want to talk to a guy that looks like he is there just to browse for women instead of clothes. It can come off creepy and desperate. Before you even approach a woman, make sure to have a bag or two in hand.
  2. Browse conversation worthy items. If you are browsing underwear, it may seem like an awkward time for a woman to approach you or vice versa. Now, if you are shopping for books or video games, that is an excellent time to allow a conversation to start. Part of being able to meet women at the mall is giving setting yourself up with an opportunity to do so.
  3. Ask for advice. The easiest way to meet women at the mall is to ask for advice. It may seem a bit cliché, but it works. Hold up two different items, such as two CDs or two shirts, and look confused. Ask a woman nearby if she can give you her input which of the two she would choose. More often than not, it will start a conversation.
  4. Eat in the food court. Sit down at a table near a woman you find attractive and occasionally glance at her and smile to see if she reciprocates. If there are not any tables available, be bold enough to ask a woman sitting alone if you can sit with her. It can be scary, but if you want to meet women at the mall, you are going to have to put yourself out there to initiate a conversation.

Knowing how to meet women at the mall is wonderful, but you need to actually implement those strategies if you want to meet someone. Make it appear as though it is a casual conversation but, at the same time, look for signs that you should ask for her phone number. For example, if she does not seem like she is trying to bolt away from you, that is a start. Never make it appear as though you are there just trying to meet women at the mall. You never know when the person you meet over a clothing rack can be your life partner. With a little courage and a good approach, it could very well be possible.

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