How To Meet Women In My Area

Every guy has asked the question, "how to meet women in my area"? Well, in this day and age, meeting women in your area is a lot easier. Thanks to online advancements, you can simply look up local events that you know women in your area will be attending. You can open an online account on a dating site. You can look up personals. Living in the information age makes it very easy to run across women in your area. Oh, and lets not forget, you could just walk outside your house and bump into a woman from your area. Meeting women is the easy part. It's what you do after you meet them that poses the most difficulty for guys. Here are some ways to meet women in your area. The rest is up to you.

  1. Attend local events. Maybe it's a town festival. Maybe there's a concert going on. What ever the case may be, meeting women in your area is just a matter of getting your lazy butt out of bed and experiencing life. Find an event that interests you and go. Not only are the chances extremely high that you'll run into women, but the chances that you'll meet women with similar interests are through the roof.
  2. Explore your neighborhood. Grab a book or your MP3 player and go. Maybe you could even walk your dog. Go to a park, or some other public meeting area. Make a day out of it. Enjoy the weather. Don't even try to meet women in your area. Don't make a conscious effort at all. Just hit the park and chill in your own little world. You're more likely to run into women when you're not even looking for them.
  3. Online dating sites. Though these things take the thrill out of the hunt, they are very effective. Online dating sites will flood you with different women that somehow, scientifically match up with you. Be warned, half of the fun is getting to know someone. With online dating, you know the person before you actually meet them. But, if meeting women in your area is your ultimate goal, then this option is definitely the most effective.
  4. The mall. You're probably thinking "What, am I a teenager"? No, you're probably not. But, not only teenagers go to malls. Just hit a mall during school time hours to weed out all of the youngsters. What do you have left? Grown women. Waves and waves of grown women. If you like to play the numbers game then here you go. You're bound to meet at least one chick at the mall right?
  5. The supermarket. Women do eat too. It's not a bad place to run into someone. And, their food choices say a lot about them. If she's loading up on nothing but junk, she's probably not the healthiest person. But, maybe you have that in common with her.
  6. Once you see one you like. Knowing where to find them isn't enough. You have to know how to approach. First, make sure your presentation is right. Don't look like some dirty vagabond. Make sure your hygiene is up to par. And make sure your clothes look good. Second, don't try to act like "Mr. Bigshot." Just be yourself. Introduce yourself in a polite manner and take things from there. If she's interested, then good for you. If not, then hit one of the other places described above and continue your search. Happy hunting.
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