How to Meet Women on MySpace

If you are looking for an easy way to talk to women, learn how to meet women on MySpace. Meeting women on MySpace is a low-pressure, casual way to talk to women in your hometown or elsewhere. Here you'll find advice on what to say, and more importantly what not to say, as you learn how to meet women on MySpace.

  1. Log in to your MySpace account. Before you can learn how to meet women on MySpace, you'll need to log in to your MySpace account. This is the only way you'll be able to search for the type of women you want to meet.
  2. Search for women. From the MySpace homepage, click on the "Browse People" tab, located at the top of the screen. Off to the left you can set filters, which will allow you to search for specific types of women. Enter the age of the women you're interested in meeting, and if you want to find women in your area, enter a location.
  3. Find women on MySpace. Now, you'll be able to find women who meet your specifications. Browse through and find someone who interests you. When you click on her photo, you'll be taken to her profile. If her profile is made public, you can scan her interests and try to find a connection, something that you can tell her you have in common. If her profile is set to private, you won't be able to see her interests and you'll need to take a different approach.
  4. Contact women on MySpace. On a woman's profile, you can send her a private message. Pay attention to this advice when learning how to meet women on MySpace! Every single attractive woman on MySpace gets messages from men. You have to stand out from the others by being unique. Do not hit on her. In other words, don't send her a message telling her how hot she is, or how sexy she is, or what a nice smile she has. She's heard it all before. If you were able to browse through her interests, use that information to connect with her. Tell her you like the same types of books, the same music, movies, etc.  You could even go as far as joining the same groups as her and connect with her there.
  5. Don't come on too strong. Before you start to hit on a woman you meet on MySpace, you'll need to build a friendship. If you are open enough, funny enough and sincere enough, chances are she may hit on you first! Remember, women like men they have to chase a little.

And there you have it! This is all the information you will need to learn how to meet women on MySpace. Be confident, be unique, and you're in.

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