How to Meet Women in Public

Figuring out how to meet women in public can be daunting for the average Joe looking for love.  From what to say to where to look. here are all issues for men approaching strangers along the way. Use a few of these tips will make make meeting women in public easier.

1. Go out in public. The first part of meeting women in public is actually being in public. Attend local functions, church, community outings and charity events. Accept invitations to parties and even through a party of your own and encourage your friends to bring new people for you to meet. Start to befriend women at any of the public events you attend. Some churches hold events specifically for singles.

2. Dress your best. Anytime you are going to be out looking to meet a woman in public, dress as you would to go on a date. Do your hair, wear a pressed and clean shirt and matching pants. While you don't want to give the wrong impression, women want a man they feel can take care of them and themselves.

3. Avoid using tired pick-up lines. When meeting a woman in public, do not ask if she "comes here often" or what her astrological sign happens to be. These lines come off as corny and usually uncomfortable. Instead, pay the woman a compliment. Be sincere, but if you find her blouse attractive, tell her so. If it was her eyes that met your gaze, compliment them. Avoid mentioning the woman's body parts as this can make a woman feel self-conscience.

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