How To Melt A Beer Bottle

Wondering how to melt a beer bottle and reform it to make decorative glass objects?  Here it is. In order to melt a beer bottle, you must have access to a kiln.  A kiln will allow you to melt the beer bottle, which can then be poured into a mold. You can use the melted glass to create jewelry, plates, or vases. 

  1. Use running water to thoroughly clean out the bottle which you intend to melt. Make sure the bottle has dried completely before attempting to melt it. Use a bottle brush to remove any debris from the bottom of the bottle. Peel off the label of the beer bottle, making sure to get all glue and paper. Use a scrub brush if necessary.
  2. Put the bottle into a large plastic ziploc or shopping bag, and close the bag as securely as possible. Use a hammer to carefully smash the glass bottle, trying to get the pieces of the bottle as small as possible. Open the bag, and look for larger pieces of broken glass. These can be removed and placed onto one of the shelves of the kiln in a metal mold designed for use in a kiln. Use a large spoon to remove the smaller pieces of glass which are too tiny to move by hand. Carefully place these into the mold in the kiln, and close the door of the kiln once all of the pieces of glass have been placed.
  3. Start the kiln at a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and heat the glass for about 10 minutes. Increase the temperature to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, and fire the glass for another 10 minutes.  Increase the temperature one more time until the kiln reaches 1425 degrees Fahrenheit. At this stage, the glass should have melted to the shape of the mold it was placed in.
  4. Turn off the kiln. Once the temperature has dropped to below 100 degrees, carefully remove the glass.



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