How To Memorize Drum Beats

Many people want to learn how to memorize drum beats and start playing in a band. While the answer to this case is straightforward, the trick lies in understanding and implementing the solution. However, do not let that deter you, as the first few steps are always the hardest.

To memorize drum beats, you will need:

  • Drum
  • Drumsticks
  • Sheet Music for Drums
  • Music or radio (optional)
  • Paper
  • Pen or Pencil
  1. Learn to read and write music. If you wonder how to memorize drum beats and are unable to grasp the pattern by listening to the song, then to try to learn to read and write music. This makes it easier to learn any musical instrument and master the song. Most budding artists make a mistake by jumping the gun and quickly trying to recreate the song by having just heard it once. If you are struggling with how to memorize drum beats, learn to read and write music.
  2. Identify the bar or measure of the song. The next task to learn how to memorize drum beats would be to identify the bars in the music. Each song or tune will have a bar, which is a division from one to four. Songs have four or eight bars. It is your responsibility to understand them. Notice patterns in songs for how to memorize drum beats. Try to play them the same when playing on your own or along to the music.
  3. Write down the flow. Write down the pattern of the song by dividing sections like intro, verse, chorus, instrumental, etc. and write down how many bars each. You can understand how to memorize drum beats when you are able identify these patterns. Dividing patterns helps make the job easier.
  4. Practice makes perfect. Keep trying until you nail it down to the last bar. When you have fully learnt to play a tune on your own, there is relatively no feeling like it! Hence, in your desire to learn how to memorize drum beats, you want to keep adequately motivated and not simply give up midway.



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