How Men Should Wear Earrings

If you're going to wear them guys, then this is how men should wear earrings. Too many guys make serious fashion mistakes when it comes to adding certain shiny accessories to their outfits. Well, earrings are like any other accessory. They just don't fit it any and all situations. Different earrings for different occasions. Sometimes, ear jewelry isn't needed at all. These guidelines will help men determine when and how they should wear earrings.

  1. When not to wear them.  I know you like the little sparkles in your ears, but men shouldn't wear earrings in certain cases. Don't wear earrings while working out or playing sports. You shouldn't wear earrings during these times for two reasons. First of all, excessive physical activity creates excessive amounts of sweat. You'll get your earrings dirty. Not that you don't need to clean your earrings periodically anyway, but you'll be cleaning them a lot more this way. And, if you're sporting some less than real joints, you'll actually damage them. You shouldn't wear earrings while working out or playing sports because of the chance of injuring yourself as well. Have you ever played a pick up basketball game and got slapped in the ear while wearing earrings? Man, that is a very painful experience. It'll remind you of the time you got your ears pierced. Ouch. Men shouldn't wear earrings if there's a chance of this type of physical activity, so do yourself a favor and don't do it.
  2. The Hoops. If you're into hoop earrings, that's fine. But unless you're a pirate, men shouldn't wear the huge ones. Hoops on guys need to be small. Period. Don't wear the ones that are all diamond encrusted and fancy schmancy. Simple hoops. That's it. These types of earrings look the best if you're rocking a cool tee shirt, jeans and a hat combo. Don't do baseball caps though. The urban "army" hats and old school Kangos look good with hoops. Think of a clean Hip Hop look. Hoops in a dressier situation are harder to pull off. It can be done, but hoops in general give a less than formal feel to the wearer. Remember, if you're not Prince or "Captain Jack Sparrow" stay away from the huge hoops. Men shouldn't wear huge hoops. They just look silly.
  3. The studs. Studs can look good universally if men know how they should wear them. Any other stud other than diamond can be matched with the outfit and so on and so forth. Diamond studs have a tendency to stand out a little more. As long as you're not wearing extremely huge rocks in your ears you'll be fine. Remember men should wear earrings that do nothing more than enhance the overall outfit. They shouldn't wear earrings that overtake the entire clothing ensemble. Plus, huge rocks are just gaudy and they look stupid. Diamond earrings give a more sophisticated feel than hoops, but easily fit in more situations then hoops do. Put an outfit together and try both the hoops and the diamond studs. You'll see the difference. Diamonds look good regardless, if you're hitting a club or attending a wedding.
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