How Men Should Wear Jewelry

Men should wear jewelry that compliments the outfit they are wearing. Even though choosing what jewelry we should wear isn't that difficult, many of us make huge mistakes. The jewelry we choose should enhance the outfit not over take it. Be it the chains, the watch, the bracelet, the earrings or what have you, don't be a fashion moron and throw on an item just because it's "hot" right now. You'll look like an idiot with a trendy item that destroys the overall harmony of the rest of the clothing you picked. With that being said, let's talk about how we should wear jewelry.

  1. Your outfit. The first thing men should understand, when wearing jewelry is that the jewelry is in no way, shape, or form as important as the overall outfit. Think of it this way. If your entire clothing choice is a Championship NBA team, your clothes are Michael Jordan, the jewelry would be your role players. You should wear jewelry that goes along with the game plan your clothes are dictating.
  2. Dressing up. OK, you've got your shirt, pants and shoes on. What do you do next? What jewelry should you wear? Your watch should match, or at least have similar color elements to other articles of clothing. For example, if you're wearing a bracelet, the watch and bracelet should have similar colors that don't clash with the shirt. You follow?
  3. The thing about earrings. There's a few things you need to know as far as how men should wear these pieces of jewelry. Hoop earrings are cool for more laid back outfits with a more hip hop feel. Studs are universal. Diamond studs look good with any look. They create a slightly more sophisticated look than the hoops. In both cases, men should not wear oversized earrings. It just looks tacky.
  4. Trendy stuff is cool, when it goes with the outfit. How many times have you seen a guy wearing a piece of jewelry that didn't go with their outfit? It was a trendy piece. It could look hot if worn correctly but this moron thought it was more important to show the damn thing off than actually making sure it looked good with his overall outfit. Like a guy wearing dress clothes and a huge faced, bright yellow and red, diamond-covered monstrosity of a watch. I'm sure, ahem, a watch of such "caliber" has its uses, but not with the outfit he was sporting. Don't be that guy unless you're going for the "clown" look. Men should only wear jewelry if it goes with the outfit, no matter how trendy the piece.
  5. Get rid of the gaudy stuff. Men should not wear gaudy jewelry with their outfits. It just looks plain stupid. Huge chains are the worst. Who needs a chain so damn big you could lasso the girl next to you with it? Have you seen some of these? You've got to ask what these fools are thinking. Huge earrings suck. Especially diamonds so big they blind people within a two block radius. Don't even think about rocking that Bozo watch we discussed earlier. This type of crap can take a good looking outfit and destroy it. Totally destroy it. Don't waste your time with this stuff, please. If you don't want to follow this advice, ask some women what they'd prefer to see on a guy. Go ahead, we'll wait… Told you so. 
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