How To Mend Rip In Crotch Of Jeans

Your favorite article of clothing is wearing thin, and now you need to know how to mend rip in crotch of jeans. Remember that nothing is indestructible, but you can probably salvage your jeans by mending a few rips, whether they're in the crotch, on the knee or in the seat.

What you'll need to mend a rip in the crotch of jeans:

  • Denim patch
  • Fabric glue and matching denim patch or an iron-on denim patch
  • Matching thread and a needle
  • Iron (if you're using the iron-on patch)

How to mend a rip in the crotch of jeans:

  1. Apply the patch. Turn your jeans inside out and fit the patch over the hole. If you're using the iron-on patch to mend the rip in the crotch of your jeans, turn on your iron to the setting specified in the patch directions. Once the iron is at the correct temperature, iron the patch on until it sticks to the denim. If you're using the fabric glue and a plain denim patch to fix the rip in your jeans, apply the glue to the patch and secure it to the denim over the hole. Allow it to dry for at least an hour.
  2. Camouflage the hole. Turn the jeans back to right side out. If there are frayed edges of fabric around the rip, move them around to camouflage the hole. Trim loose threads.
  3. Secure the patch. To prevent the patch from separating from the jeans, use your needle and thread to do a whip stitch around the hole. You may want to reinforce the patch by sewing a second row slightly larger than the hole, parallel to your first line of stitching. Pull the stitches tight so they don't show. When you finish stitching, make a secure knot in the thread. Be careful not to sew the legs of your jeans together, or you'll have to rip out your handiwork and start over.

Now that you know how to mend a rip in the crotch of jeans, you've taken a major leap into the realm of wardrobe maintenance. This will save you money in the long run and the time of shopping for replacement clothes.

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