How To Method On A Snowboard

Learning how to method on a snowboard will earn you instant style points on the slopes. The method grab is one of the most classically stylish grabs around and it is not overly difficult to learn how to do a method on a snowboard.

  1. Start small. Like with any new trick, it is best to learn how to do a method grab on a small jump before you attempt one off a big kicker or in the half-pipe.
  2. Stay loose. You need to be pretty flexible to do a method grab, so make sure you’re nice and limber.
  3. Approach the jump as you would with any air. Keep in mind that to do a method grab on a snowboard you will be kicking your feet behind you.
  4. Launch into the air and kick your feet behind your head. The motion looks like a donkey kick.
  5. Grab. To do a method grab on a snowboard, grab your heelside edge with your front hand between the bindings.
  6. Tweak. To complete a method grab on a snowboard, rotate your body so that the board is perpendicular to the direction you are traveling. The board should lead.
  7. Hold this position for as long as possible.
  8. Rotate back to your original position and release the grab. Doing a method grab on a snowboard without rotating back to your original position can have disastrous consequences upon landing. The same holds true for failing to release the grab.
  9. Spot your landing. Ride away from the trick in style!



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