How To Micro Brew Beer

 To qualify as a micro-brewery, a company has to make less than 15,000 barrels of a speciality micro brew beer. To make a micro-brewery successful, you have to create a regional micro brew different from any other on the market in your area. Once you come up with a unique beer recipe, it's time to get the funding to micro brew beer for the market.

To Micro Brew Beer, You Will Need

  • Business or market plan
  • Start up cash
  • Building with offices
  • Brewing equipment
  • Bottles and cap
  • Uniquely designed beer bottle labels
  1. Talk with an accountant and set up a business or market plan that you can take to the bank or Small Business Administration of your state to get a loan for start up cash and capital.
  2. Secure a warehouse or other building that has enough room for the brewery, along with offices for management.  This will be the heart of your micro brew beer operation.
  3. Locate and purchase the needed equipment for brewing the amount of beer you plan to sell to the public.
  4. Invest in a graphic designer to create labels for your beer that will stand out in the crowded field of beer bottles; both at the store and at a bar.
  5. Push the marketing level of your micro brewed beer to the extreme. Visit buyers for liquor stores, grocery stores that sell beer and both bartenders and bar owners. Give away sample bottles to these buyers. Offer to give cases of your beer to bar owners so they can test customer approval.
  6. Take your beer to parties of both friends and business associates. Let everyone sample a bottle. Word of mouth is often the best advertising.
  7. Advertise on local radio and TV. If no one knows about your micro brew, no one will buy it.

Tips: Explore the market in your area to see what is available, and then create a micro brew beer that is different from anything else. Check your local laws before investing in creating your own micro brew beer. Many states and localities do not allow and will not license a micro-brewery.

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