How To Milk Your Prostate

Prostate milking is important for your health, so you may want to know how to milk your prostate. Milking the prostate is a method of manually stimulating the prostate gland, bringing about the flow of seminal fluid from the prostate gland without ejaculation. Orgasms from prostate milking can be quite intense and pleasurable,which is another good reason for learning how to milk your prostate.Have a partner assist you in milking the prostate if you can. It may be easier than doing it yourself, although self-milkingof the prostate is possible. Here are tips on how to milk your prostate correctly.

Things you’ll need:

  • One latex gloves
  • Lubricant
  • Massage oil
  • Willing partner (optional)
  1. Put on one latex gloves. Apply a lubricant that is deemed safe for anal intercourse onto your gloved hand. You should lie on your back when learning how to milk your prostate.
  2. Pour warm oil into your other, ungloved hand and gently massage the oil onto your testicles. Spread the oil onto the area around the anal opening. The ungloved hand should continue to massage the testicles and the base of the penis. Next, use the ungloved hand to spread the buttocks, allowing a gloved finger to massage the rectal opening. Use gentle pressure with the fingers at first. Then, slowly and gently enter the anus about one inch with the gloved finger.
  3. Slowly move the gloved finger around, but don’t insert it fully into the anus. Move the ungloved hand over the testicles. While still lying on the back, move the inserted gloved finger in an upward direction towards the testicles. If the massage is producing pleasant sensations, this means the G-spot has been located. Focus on the area that elicits the most pleasure. Continue massaging and squeezing the prostate in a downward motion–this is how you milk your prostate.
  4. Push the gloved finger in and out of the rectum repeatedly, pushing in the direction of the testicles again. When orgasm is approaching, the ungloved hand should take hold of the penis and begin massaging it for maximum effect. When prostate orgasm occurs, the semenwill flow from the penis, rather than being forcefully expelled, as in a typical orgasm.

Prostate massage can have great benefits for the body. These simple and satisfying techniques should help inform you how to milk your prostate.

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