How To Miller Flip

When you feel that it is time for you to stop snowboarding on the bunny slopes and start learning some inverted aerial tricks, then one of the first things you should do is learn how to Miller Flip. The trip is often credited to Chris Miller, but it was first performed in 1979 by skateboarder Darrell Miller. As snowboarding took off in popularity, the trick was easily converted for both halfpipes and obstacle jumps. A Miller flip involves a lead-hand plant with a 360 degree and is landed riding fakie, or backwards.

Keep in mind that snowboarding can be a dangerous sport. Injuries can result from everything from minor mistakes to major crashes. Helmet use is mandatory when using a snowboard, and you should seriously consider wearing a wrist guard along with knee and elbow pads when you are trying to learn new tricks, since you are likely to fall at least a few times.

Half Pipe:

  1. Approach the wall with a good amount of speed. You will need some momentum to pull this off.
  2. As you near the top of the wall, push down with your back foot. This will place your weight in the right place to finish the trick.
  3. Throw your front shoulder back. Your body should follow and the board will begin to twist.
  4. Place your front hand on the top of the wall. Use the stability that you get from this to complete the 360 degree twist.
  5. Extend your legs to complete the landing. Your back foot should land first, which means you are riding fakie down the ramp.


  1. Approach the obstacle as straight as you can.
  2. As you take off, drop your front shoulder and bring your legs up above your head.
  3. Grab the obstacle. Try to keep your plant arm and legs as straight as possible.
  4. Once you clear the obstacle, upside down, release your grab.
  5. Turn your head around to spot your landing. Finish your 360 degree spin and land facing the same direction that you took off from.
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