How To Mince Garlic

Anyone spending time in the kitchen will have to learn how to mince garlic sooner or later. This is an easy task so no worries. When you get proficient with your knife, you can mince and chop anything. Prep tasks are ten times easier plus you can work quicker and with less clean up hassles than using any automated food processor. Another great reason to learn how to mince garlic is you cannot use a garlic press for every recipe.

In order to learn how to mince garlic, you will need:

  • Garlic
  • Cutting board
  • Kitchen knife
  1. The cutting board. Before you jump in and begin to mince anything, you should become familiar with your tools. The cutting board can be made of any material from plastic or wood to stone and ceramic. Just make sure that if it is a plastic board it is not warped because this will slow you down.
  2. The knife. The knife is up to you. Generally speaking, most people find a chef's knife (large, non-serrated, single edged, triangular shaped kitchen knife) the best choice because of it's size, cutting edge and weight make mincing garlic a breeze. But others prefer small kitchen knives and can work just as fast. Choose whatever you are comfortable with.
  3. The garlic. To mince garlic, you will first need to prepare the clove. First remove a clove from the garlic bulb. Place the garlic clove on your cutting board and squish it a bit with the flat part of your knife. This will crack the skin and make the garlic easy to peel. After you peel off the skin, cut off the dry end. Repeat this task with as many garlic cloves you are required to mince.
  4. Chop. There are about ten thousand ways to mince garlic. Here is the easiest way which is good practice as you grow into your technique. Rest the tip of the knife on the cutting board with the garlic clove just beneath. Now chop down, pull up and chop down again. Do this until you feel comfortable building up a little speed and then start widening your area of chop to the left and right. When the garlic spreads out too far, use the knife to scrape it back into and pile and start chopping again. With practice, you can learn to do this extremely fast but mind your fingers.
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