How To Misty Flip Snowboard

Need to know how to misty flip snowboard? Performing a misty flip requires an expert level snowboarder to learn how to pull it off. A misty flip is a no joke trick that requires superior skill. Learning to do a misty flip should be something well down your trick list. The misty flip is a combination flip and twist. The misty flip requires great coordination, body control and snowboard mechanics. Pulling off a misty flip is an eye-popping trick that will be certain to get you some attention. The procedure below outlines this complex trick. Check out the requirements and if you have the level and competence, perhaps you will try and stick one.

How to misty flip on a snowboard:

  • Freestyle snowboard
  • Downhill jump
  • Snowboarding gear
  • Expert skill level

How to misty flip on a snowboard:

  1. Limber up and ensure you are fully strapped in. Make a few easy runs downhill and approach the jump. Do this to get a feel for the area and condition before you attempt the misty flip.
  2. When ready approach the jump from the downhill position. Gather moderate speed as this trick requires plenty of air. When you first contact the jump bend at the knees. At the apex of the jump, twist into the jump and leap into the air.
  3. While airborne, pull your knees to your chest and tuck your head forward. You will perform a front flip as you twist. This will involve a five-forty twist as you front flip.
  4. When coming out of the flip, keep your head and eyes forward. Complete the twist and land traditional. Run the rest of the way downhill or perform a power slide to stop.


Tip: Always respect the trick. This is difficult and dangerous.

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