How To Mod Call Of Duty 4

Knowing how to Mod Call of Duty 4 makes the game more enjoyable. This means you will be able to modify the original game content with new content. PC games allow for modifications through company sponsored tooling or user created tooling that came from a user cracking the platform. The official tools to mod Call of Duty 4 can be used to add a lot of new content.

Things you will need to Mod Call of Duty 4:

  • Windows OS
  • Online access
  • PC version of Call of Duty 4
  1. Find the location of the modifications, called mods, that you want use to mod Call of Duty 4. Go to a site that hosts several of the mods for Call of Duty 4. There are a lot offered at the site. Some will change the base weapon stats for the game; others will provide newer content than that which came with the game. This content may be new weapons or new locations.
  2. Make a folder on your PC hard drive in the c:Program Files/Activision/Call of Duty 4-Modern Warfare/Mods folder. Name the folder the same name as the mod that you download. This helps to organize your mod Call of Duty 4 files.
  3. Go to the mod file that you just downloaded and unpack it into the new folder. You will need the free software to unpack the files. Some you might want to use are the 7zip or WinRar to unpack .RAR and .7zip files. When you do this the file mod.ff will be placed in the folder. This tells the PC what it needs to know to operate a mod Call of Duty 4 game.
  4. Make a desktop shortcupt of the iw3sp.exe file. Select the “properties” from the right click menu. Change the end of the text to +set fs_game mods/nameoffolder. This tells the computer where the mod Call of Duty 4 file is located.
  5. Start the Call of Duty 4 game from this shortcut rather than the original shortcut. These steps are the most successful when wanting to mod Call of Duty 4.
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