How To Mod Final Fantasy XII Using Modio

Once you've mastered the basics of how to mod "Final Fantasy Xii" using Modio, the sky's the limit in the results and cheats you can create. From invincible characters to a faster paced game, Modio allows you to mod a game without knowing any computer programming or fancy coding. It's a gamer's dream come true.

Items You'll Need

  • Modio Software Program
  • "Final Fantasy Xii" PC Game
  1. Download and start the Modio software program on your computer. Available from, Modio is a simple game modding program that will allow you to mod "Final Fantasy Xii" as long as you have a PC copy of the game. Modio will only work on computer games.
  2. Open a saved game of "Final Fantasy Xii" in Modio. From the main menu you can open any saved game on your computer. If you do not have a previously saved "Final Fantasy Xii" game, create a new one and then open it with Modio. You need this saved game if you want to mod "Final Fantasy Xii" with Modio.
  3. Choose a tab from the options menu. After loading your "Final Fantasy Xii" saved game in Modio, a new window will open with all the Modio mod controls you need. You'll see tabs for changing your character, adjusting game play, and controlling the appearance of the game. Choose the tab you want and a new list of mod options will appear in the Modio window.
  4. Select the mod options you want to apply to "Final Fantasy Xii." Clicking the option allows you to customize it and set controls. Speed, for example, allows you to control how fast your character moves – if you're on the character tab – or how fast the game progresses – if you're on the game tab. Contine modding "Final Fantasy Xii" settings with the Modio options until you're satisfied.
  5. Save and play your game. After modding "Final Fantasy Xii," save the game from the main menu (don't save over your original game!) and run the new saved game. Your mod changes should take affect. Use Modio to make any further changes to the game and enjoy playing your modded copy of "Final Fantasy Xii."

Not all Modio modding options are available for every game. Cursor options, for example, only work in games where a mouse cursor is visible during game play. If a change does not appear in a game, it may not be available. Play around with other options to find which mods do work on your computer game.

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