How To Mod A Gas Scooter

Need to know how to mod a gas scooter? Modding a gas scooter can mean doing a lot of things to a gas scooter. You could be changing some parts on a gas scooter to increase comfort-ability, or you could be changing things just to make the scooter look better. Whatever your intentions are, we're going to tell you how to mod a gas scooter.

Things you will need:

  • Tool Kit
  • Knowledge of Gas Scooters
  • New Parts (depending on what you want to mod)
  1. Know what you want to mod. When modding a gas scooter, you don't want to go over the top.  You should be thinking about simple mods. You could add things like flags or new handlebars or a more powerful gas engine. However, you shouldn't be adding, for example, a car engine or something of the sort. The reason you shouldn't add things like that is because you would be putting strain onto the scooter itself.
  2. Buy the parts. Do you want to add another gas tank to your gas scooter? Or do you just want to decorate your gas scooter? Whatever you plan on doing, you'll need to buy the parts that you plan to use for modding your gas scooter. You could easily go to any hardware store and buy the parts to need to mod your gas scooter. If it is as simple as decorating your gas scooter, like adding a flag or something, you could go to any store and buy the decorations.
  3. Install your new parts. Now, you'll need to install your new parts or decorations. If you plan on adding something like new handlebars, you'll need to remove them first. Make sure that you remove the old parts properly. For example, to remove the original handlebars, you'll need to pull the original handlebars off, unless there is a small metal button type thing. Most likely there will be that small button. You'll need to push it in and then pull off the handlebar. When adding decorations, you could be adding stickers or decals. For the stickers and decals, just apply them to the spot where you want them.
  4. Be very careful. Be extremely careful when adding your new parts. Don't add too much tension and force against parts of your scooter while you're modding it. Your scooter probably wasn't made for extreme amounts of force and weight, let alone modding it. You also want to make sure that you're not scratching up your scooter while using your tools. This is irreversible and will leave you unhappy with your scooter. Make sure that your mods are reversible, just in case you're not satisfied.
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