How To Mod GTA 3 Cars

Players can learn how to mod GTA 3 cars in the game so that they are customized and look different from every other "GTA 3" video game out there. This requires a bit of technical savvy to do this properly and protect your old "GTA 3" game, in case something goes wrong and you don't want your mods to be permanent on all your vehicles. How to mod your "GTA 3" cars also varies based on the system you are using. The best way to do this is on a PC so that you can easily control what mods you are downloading and installing on the game.

To mod "GTA 3" cars, you will need:

  • "GTA 3" Video Game
  • PC that can play "GTA 3"
  • Internet Connection
  1. Go online. Download vehicle mods from one of the websites online, like 
  2. Locate where your "GTA 3" is located on your PC. Create a new install, so that you have a back-up of the original game in case you don't want your car mods or they crash the game.
  3. Download and use special programs to install these car mods on "GTA 3." These programs include G-IMG, Collision Editor 2, and CFG Studio 2 and can be found online and downloaded for your PC.
  4. Open and test your new install. If it opens, open the zipped car mod files you have downloaded. 


Don't try to download multiple car mods at once for "GTA 3" as it can hurt the game and cause it to malfunction.

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