How To Mod Halo 2 On Xbox

Knowing how to mod Halo 2 on Xbox would provide you with the numerous benefits of ‘modding’ so to speak. In layman terminology you can mod Halo 2 on Xbox to gain access to stuff not available to a regular gamer, for instance, altering the projectile a weapon shoots. To mod halo 2 on the Xbox you would be required to transfer a Halo 2 saved game to a computer and then mod it through free available programs.

Tools and Materials Required:

  • PC with Internet connectivity
  • Memory card reader
  • Xbox memory card
  1. Slot in an Xbox memory card in a memory card reader and attach the reader to the computer. The icon of the memory card will appear on the desktop. Then download an Xbox mod and viewing program from the list of free program online (for instance ‘Halo 2 mod tools’). Once downloaded, decompress the files.
  2. Launch the viewing program. Click on ‘open’ from the ‘file’ menu. Then click on ‘Hard Drive or Memcard’. In the left column, click on game save. Click ‘Partition3’. Click ‘Compatibility’. Click on ‘Xbox1’ from the drop down submenu by first clicking on (+).
  3. Click ‘Tdata’ below ‘Xbox1’. Hit the (+) sign and select the ‘4d530064’ folder. Again click (+) adjacent to the folder to drop another menu. Choose the ‘$c’ folder. Again hit (+). Click on one of the folders below ‘$c’. Choose a map from the ones on the right hand side. Copy it on the desktop.  Now launch the Xbox mod program. Click on ‘Program’ in the upper left corner and click on ‘Dot Halo’. Click ‘open’. Find the map file located on the desktop and open it.
  4. Choose a weapon from the left side and projectile mod from the right side of the program’s window. Choose a projectile available in the upper left corner’s drop down menu. First click ‘save’ and then ‘done’. Close the program.
  5. Now click on ‘DMP’ in the ‘Patches’ menu in the viewing program. Select ‘open map’. Place the desktop’s map file into the original folder and choose ‘yes’ when prompted to overwrite.
  6. Quit the program. Safely remove the memory card reader by right clicking the icon. You have learnt how to mod Halo 2 on Xbox.     



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